Wildewords 2 .. Awakening

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I am woman

I am man

I am the closed fist

I am the clenched sword

I am the womb that carries myself

and the breast that feeds me

I speak through pain

and I nurture through laughter

I know no lines .. but .. yes ..

barriers are a part of me

An uninformed part of me.

I hold my breath and it becomes me.

I am one

and all numbers and thoughts are through me.

I am called Truth by those who would seek to define me

I am called Light by those who have felt my presence ..

and need know nothing more.

Knowledge is my handmaiden

and the guide that I have given you

to find the only answer ..

That you and I

are Love


Private Journal 1989

” and all that was hidden will be revealed “

Wildewords 1

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” I write songs for people who have fallen down …

but know that they will get back up again.

There’s a lot of us out there .. ”