Another Place Official Video

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with the making of this Video.
David Wayland – Editor
Peter Longstaff – for reformatting and assembling all of the footage
Philip Beck – who sent me the underwater footage that got me thinking in a different way
Andres Garzon – who filmed the Woman Underwater
Kristina Packer – Who was the Woman Underwater
Walt Graham – who sent me the fire footage

Was lots of fun and i’m looking forward to the next one.

Keep Breathing

The L.O.V.E. Principle

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                                                  Mike Wilde Myspace Blog 15/01/09

Image:From the Backyard - mike wilde
Image:From the Backyard – mike wilde
  • The L.O.V.E. Principle came to me yesterday while lying on my back in water.
  • Is this what they mean by a Thinktank ??It has been my experience that in order to make anything work … and I am talking about making something work for more than five minutes it is worthwhile to keep in mind the following fundamental concepts, the letters of which spell LOVE.
  • L stands for Loyalty.When working in a team towards a common goal Everyone and I mean Everyone makes mistakes. The idea is to deal with these mistakes constructively, learn from them and move on together to do whatever it is you are doing Better. This requires a supportive attitude towards your fellow workers/partners etc and may mean that every once in a while the wrong person takes a hit for the team. Back each other up. There is a big difference between asking for Loyalty on the one hand and Blind Loyalty on the other, which inevitibly leads to a breakdown of communications and chaos. (the bad kind) !!
  • O stands for Organisational skills. Micromanagement is an essential part of any successful endeavour but at the end of the day … Someone has to have their eye on the ball (the big picture) at all times. This requires delegation and trust in equal measure from that person so that everyone in the organisation can do what they are best at.
  • V stands for Veracity. There has to be some truth in what you are doing. You can fool some of the people all of the time and even all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. So try and get involved with people and projects that you believe in. In the long term you will be thankful that you did.Which leads me to E.
  • E stands for energy and believe me .. you are going to have a lot more energy for a project, person or job that you believe in. I was going to suggest Effort instead of Energy and it is indeed true that more often than not a great deal of effort is required to make a new idea fly. However, this is not always the case. It doesn’t have to be hard. It is also worth noting that when you work towards a goal that you are passionate about even a superhuman effort becomes easier to achieve and maintain because your energy levels are naturally much higher.
  • A lot of these ideas are really just Common Sense. 
  • But sometimes Common Sense is just not that common.
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